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Membership Requirements

You must transfer to a four year institution of higher learning from another academic institution with at least one full years academic credits satisfied at the prior institution(s).  

You must be registered in a course of study leading to a bachelor's degree for an amount of work equal to an average full load (defined as 12.0 or more credit hours at Appalachian State University). Questions regarding eligibility arising from exceptional circumstances affecting an individual student must be referred to the National Headquarters for a decision.

Membership in the Organization shall be based upon superior academic achievement by students during their first term in the institution to which they transfer (only credit hours that count toward a bachelor's degree can be used to determine Tau Sigma eligibility).  Membership is extended to students earning their first four-year degree.

The minimum academic average required for membership is a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale during the term in question. These requirements are not subject to reduction by an individual chapter (qualifications using unconventional grading systems shall be approved by the National Council). A chapter may petition to the National Council to raise the minimum academic average required for membership in their chapter.

Academic eligibility shall be obtained on the grades of one full curricular semester. Eligibility is limited to the first term of enrollment at the institution to which the student transfers. Summer school session equivalent to a full curricular period may be used to meet the academic requirement.

We receive a generated report at the end of each semester and send out invitation to join our organization but encourage anyone who feels that they are eligible to contact us and request membership information.

At the end of each academic school year we hold an induction ceremony for those who successfully meet membership requirements.

Membership is $50 dollars with $35 dollars going to the National Organization and $15 dollars coming directly back to our chapter for annual expenses. The $45 dollar fee is ONE TIME only and is the only monetary obligation of our organization.

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